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National carrier Air New Zealand Ltd is to
fit winglets to its Boeing 767-300ER planes to cut fuel consumption and
reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the airline said on Tuesday.
The airline said it expected the modifications would save more than NZ$7.5
million ($4.9 million) in fuel costs and cut CO2 emissions by around 16,000
tonnes a year.

The winglets, developed by Aviation Partners Boeing, are 3.4 metre (11 feet)
high wing-tip devices, and reduce the drag near the wing tip, which means
the aircraft uses less fuel, and can climb faster.
"As a result of this initiative we expect to reduce the fuel
consumption across our 767 fleet by around 1.6 million gallons annually,"
said General Manager Airline
Operations David Morgan.

Air NZ's five 767 planes fly to Australia and around the Pacific and will be
modified from next July.
The airline said it would look at fitting the winglets to planes on long
range services such as its Boeing 777-200ERs.
It said it would also fit electrically-powered dryers to all its fleet to
reduce moisture trapped in aircraft insulation, which would also save fuel
and cut carbon emissions.

The driers could be expected to typically remove from each aircraft around
200 kilograms (440 pounds) of water caused by passengers exhaling and
condensation from cold temperatures outside the aircraft.
No cost for the two initiatives was given.

Shares in Air New Zealand, around 77 percent owned by the government, last
traded down 2.8 percent at NZ$1.05, matching the decline in the broader